Saturday, April 19, 2008

Printed Abominations

School of Martin Schongauer, De verzoeking van Christus, 1491 - 1500.

Allegory of Monsters, 1575 - 1618, artist unknown..

Allegorical Show, 1490 to 1510, artist unknown..

Alva assassinate the onschuldige inhabitants of the country, approx. 1572
The above is a butchered interpretation of the original Dutch text thanks to babelfish, so here is the original title - "Alva vermoordt de onschuldige inwoners van het land, ca. 1572" artist unknown..


Anonymous said...

Hi Aeron, these are brilliant, and I really like the new MB logo, but I do not like the background, it is much too fussy and really distracts from the artworks, please return to plain black!
Paul Rumsey.

Aeron said...

Thanks Paul, the background pic was just something I was screwing around with, nothing permanent. I agree that it distracted from the rest of the content, particularly the logo. That looks much better against a flat black background. I have an idea to collage a long strip of 15th century engravings/woodcuts of isolated creatures that have the white/blacks reversed and the opacity at around 30-50 percent so they're barely distinguishable against the black. I'll probably throw that on here later this week to see how it looks.

peacay said...

Hey Aeron, where did these pics come from? I'm particularly interested in that middle one; it kind of looks somewhat similar to the anti-papal and/or anti-Martin Luther imagery (but I suppose that multiheaded monster is almost a traditional political caricature model).

Human Mollusk said...

That second one is just insane. MB is the best art blog on the internet.

Aeron said...

Thanks Fufu, and Peacay, these were found while digging through this colletion - I foound the work in question while looking at image results for ... it was either monster, monstre or some dutch translation of devil or demon?