Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mythical 16th Century Disease Critters
The Pink Tentacle strikes again! They've dug up some really crazy paintings of imaginary creatures representing various diseases, each with peculiar backstories. My favorite is the critter responsible for leprosy, Gyochu, which appears to the left of the following artwork...

"Gyochu, a deadly critter responsible for leprosy, acts as a messenger to the underworld. On the night of Koshin-no-hi (an important date occurring every 60 days on the Chinese calendar), Gyochu leaves the body to visit Enma-daio (Lord of the Underworld) and tell him of your misdeeds. Enma-daio is known to punish people for bad behavior by reducing their remaining time on earth."

Click here to see the full article at Pink Tentacle.

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