Sunday, March 02, 2008

Mike Dubisch's Lovecraft Art

These are the handful of illustrations inspired by the writings of H.P Lovecraft that I found while browsing the Comic Art Fans website. To see more art by Mike visit his website here.
And for any newcomers to Monster Brains, if you like Lovecraft related art you'll want to see this.


Anonymous said...

Excuse my poor english:
Simply curiosity - suggested by the largeness of the sources you're posting:
I'm Carlos, from Argentina, and I wish to know if you want to see a few drawings I've made years ago.
I dont know haw to say this, but it's very important:
"Sin compromiso de ninguna clase, sólo alguna imagen de 200 k - Sin obligación de postearla."

Is there some e-mail where I can send them? Contact me at

Very impressed (impresionado) by your photographs. I have not seen nothing like that before.

Congratulations for your work, your bloq and the fabulous links you share whit all of us.

Aeron said...

Thanks Carlos. Concerning the photographs, they're designed through a very time consuming digital technique that I've been perfecting over the years. And you should have email from me soon.