Friday, March 07, 2008

The Merry Frolics Of Satan

I'm unaware of any details related to this strange piece, it was found in this amazing newsgroup pic collection. I'll be posting some other stuff I dig out of there next week.


Anonymous said...

From a Georges Melies film 1906. aka. "Quatre cents farces du diable" or "400 tricks of the devil" (imdb)
Paul Rumsey.

Aeron said...

Thanks for that info, Paul. There's an early film by Meilies from around 1890? with the word devil in it, but it is supposed to be the very first horror film. I've always wanted to find it but have so far had no luck, and this is after downloading numerous Meilies collections. Hopefully a print will turn up sooner or later!

Anonymous said...

"Le manoir du diable",1896.
All the info you need is on the Internet Movie Database.(imdb) A comment on that site says that the first horror film by Melies was "Un nuit terrible" which has a giant insect! Paul

Anonymous said...

tcm channel website has dvd's of Melies' works for sale if your interested.