Monday, March 03, 2008

John Drapentier Engravings 1674-1700

It ever turns -
"Two naked male figures, bound to a large wheel being turned by two fire-breathing demonic creatures; from above, two winged serpents attack the male figures; lying on the ground, Father Time, with broken hourglass; in the background, flames; inscribed on the wheel, 'It ever turns'."

Such Musicians suit such Dances -
"Devils lead a group of naked men and women in a dance amid flames; above, two monstrous winged creatures, one playing a violin, the other a trumpet."

It shall not dye - "Naked figures, surrounded by snakes, and consumed by flames; above, a monstrous winged creature, and a serpent with the inscription 'It shall not dye'."

This Arabia yields this Frankincense -
"A group of naked figures, male and female, consumed by flames; alongside them, two goats; above, a devil, horned, winged, cloven-hoofed, and with tail, swings a pot from a chain or rope; an inscription in the centre, 'This Arabia yields this Frankincense'."

Images and descriptions taken from The British Museum.

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