Saturday, January 19, 2008

More Scenes Of Last Judgement

Details unknown, image located at the Duke Art Museum.

Klontzas 1540-1608, Georgios, Greek-Last Judgment (detail)

Detail of the Last Judgement located at Sillegny - Eglise Saint Martin. See the full painting here.

15th century Doom painting located at North Leigh, Oxfordshire.

"Mohammed is depicted in the center of this painting, with his face covered. The painting is also called "The Day of the Last Judgment"; signed by the artist Mohammad Modabber, from 1897. In the Sa'd-Abad Cultural Collection (Iran)." - quote source.

"The Day of the Last Judgment, painting attributed to artist Mohammad Modabber - undated, but likely from the late 19th century. In the Reza Abbasi Museum Collection (Iran). Mohammed is depicted in this painting at the upper right, riding on a camel." - quote source.

Painting located at the Church of Oja in Gotland, Sweden.

Wall painting at the Madonna dei Martiri, Italy

"The dream of Philipp " Greco 1541-1614, El, Fodele Kreta

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