Friday, January 11, 2008

Illustrations de Monstrorum Historia (1642)

Click here to see the full catalogue from this bizarre illustrated guide of strangely deformed and imaginary animals and people.

Peacay just pointed out an even better collection of this book over at the University of Strasbourg. You'll find GIGANTIC scans of these bizarre beasts on their site. You'll have to do a lot of digging but try
browsing the collection through this thumbnail arrangement
to find stuff faster. The works I posted above start somewhere after page 30.


peacay said...

Too bizarre: I got <--this--> close to sending you a link today with these images but figured you knew them anyways.

I was looking through the original Aldrovandi book - Monstrorum historia from 1642 (which itself steals images from at least Gesner) - which is available from Universities of Strasbourg. As usual, there are enormous images available.

Aeron said...

Crazy! And thanks for that link, those pics are HUGE on there, amazing. I'm going to have to make some nice 13 x 19 inch prints of a few beasts on there, particularly that giant blob with eyes that I had at the top of my post, I love that thing!

THINKMULE™ said...

I love these......I am going to draw some for sure.....nice find!