Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Gaping Maw Of Hell

Published by Jan Sadeler after Marcus Gheeraerts - "Passio Verbigenae Quae Nostra Redemptio Christi" engraving 1575 - 1600. This should look familiar to anyone familiar with the last Monster Brains logo.

Veridicus Christianus - Work found thanks to Giornale Nuovo, view this article on Christianus to see additional works.

Natale Bonifacio da Sebenico - Admiranda beati Aurelii Augustini - "Allegory of the Augustinian order, with a ship manned by members of the order sailing between Jerusalem and Paradise, with the mouth of hell in the foreground." 1580 Etching

Matthias Gerung - Apocalypse - woodcut print from 1545-1548

Hans Weiditz/Heinrich Steiner, woodcut 1531

Pieter van der Heyden, After Pieter Brueghel The last judgement

Pieter van der Heyden, after brueghel-christ in limbo

Lucas Cranach - Martin Luther: Against the papacy to Rome donated by the devil. - 1545 Woodcut
Lucas Cranach - Abendmahl der Protestanten und Höllensturz der Katholiken. - 1540

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