Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Krampus Cookie!

Or maybe it's a pretzel, I don't know but it looks edible all the same. Here's another Krampus cookie. Below are a few other Krampus...things.


Dr. Roboto said...

hello mr. monsterbrain,
this comment is not related to the krampus but today i wanted to thank you very much for your great blog, i look after it quite often.

have my own blog here:

hope you dont mind i posted some of your finds there - today i posted the baloon land animation - maybe i also have some finds for you, just have a look...

also check out my super robots if you like...

and well, keep up the good work!


Aeron said...

Glad you've enjoyed the site, I checked out your blog and really enjoyed this link! I'll have to post some pics from that gallery here later this month.