Thursday, November 08, 2007

An Exhibit Of Unspeakable Things

Here is a great collection of pictures taken from the recent exhibit of artworks inspired by H.P Lovecraft's Commonplace Book at the Maison d'Ailleurs Museum of Science Fiction in Switzerland. He used this as a sort of sketchbook for ideas that he jotted down, most of which are only a sentence long. All the artists that took part in the show made imagery inspired by these writings.

Read more about the exhibit here.

For those interested a catalogue of the show with 128 pages and 90 illustrations will be available from Maison d'Ailleurs and Payot bookstores.

A picture of my work from the show can be seen here.


MRC said...

are those photo collages? they're nuts! nice work.

Aeron said...

Thanks, yeah digital photo collages.