Monday, October 29, 2007

The Dancing Devils of Yare

Above images found in this article from the New York Times website, those devils dance to some fat ass beats. The pictures below were found on this flickr gallery and digging through google.

"The Dancing Devils of Yare (Diablos Danzantes del Yare) is the name of a religious festivity celebrated in San Francisco de Yare, Miranda state, Venezuela, at the Corpus Christi day. The Sociedades del Santísimo (Societies of the Holiest) are in charge of the celebration. Its origins are traced back to the 18th century, being the oldest brotherhood of the American continent.

Every Holy Thursday, a ritual dance is performed by the so called "Dancing Devils", who wear colorful garments (commonly all red), layers of stripped fabric, masks of grotesque appearance and also accessories like crosses, scapulars, rosaries and other sorts of amulets."

Article on the Dancing Devils of Yare at Wikipedia..

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Jean said...

I want to tell you that I love Monster Brains and look at it almost every day. I posted one of the pics from last week on my Live Journal blog (you can link to it from this blog).
When we were kids, my brother and sister and I used to have contests for drawing the ugliest, scariest, most elaborate monster. Too bad they're long gone, or I'd send some of those young monsters to you.