Saturday, July 21, 2007

Presented in this weeklong post are many photos showing the amazing talents of fantasy stop motion animator, Ray Harryhausen.

Clash Of The Titans

The last film to display Ray Harryhausen's imaginative and fantastic talent, Clash Of The Titans is certainly one of his best. Drawing from the strange beasts of Greek Mythology and partly from Norwegian Mythos as with the Kraken, the film is full of bizarre creatures. The scene near the end with the Medusa is one of my favorites out of all the Harryhausen movies.

If you're interested in seeing more artwork by Harryhausen you should check out a book that was recently released available at amazon.

To see additional art, screenshots, trailers and other info related to the films of Ray Harryhausen check out The Seventh

Check out this page with storyboard sketches and test animation screenshots of a never made Harryhausen film called "Elementals" concerning gargoyle like beasts attacking people.

3 minute clip of Harryhausen discussing his introduction to Stop Motion Animation.

"This Is Dynamation!" A trailer for Harryhausen's cinematic techniques.

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I loved that movie as a kid.