Friday, June 22, 2007

A Variety Of Demons
"a man conducting magic rites, devils and a ghost appearing, and a hunter cowering in terror." Coloured engraving from the 18th century, artist unknown.

The Devil and Dr. Faustus meet - "The life and horrible adventures of the celebrated Dr. Faustus; relating his first introduction to Lucifer, and connection with infernal spirits; his method of raising the Devil, and his final dismissal to the tremendous abyss of Hell." dated 1825, artist unknown.

Richard Tennant Cooper - "An unconscious naked man lying on a table being attacked by little demons armed with surgical instruments; symbolising the effects of chloroform on the human body. Watercolour"

Paul-Franz Namur after: L. Lambert - "
A man riding a horse in a graveyard, surrounded and attacked by dead souls, demons and by death holding a scythe. " Etching from 1901.

"Balthasar Bekker and another man (Christian Thomasius?) sieve diseases from devils." Engraving from 1695.

Master Fran├žois - From "The Mirror history of Vincent of Beauvais. Volume III" and described as "Hellish vision of a child named Guillaume." Miniature painting from the 15th century.

Engraving, artist unknown.

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Craig Koslofsky said...

Hello - just wondering where you found the Bekker and Thomasius print from 1695?