Saturday, March 03, 2007

Egbert Van Heemskerck The Elder

A Dutch painter from the Baroque era, some of Heemskerck's more interesting work is in these prints of fantastical animals acting like people.

"Description: A barber-surgeons shop with anthropomorphic participants. Engraving, c. 1730, after E. van Heemskerk.
Lettering: A barbers shop a medley shews, of monsters, wigs, drawn-teeth and news. While one is shav'd another bleeds, a third the Grub Street Journal reads. The master full of whig and tory, talks politics and tells a story, and swears he is not such a sot, but that he knows full well, what's what."

"Description: Human figures with the faces of animals are crowded in a room and one figure standing by the open door is addressing the cat woman who is holding a glass. Engraving by William Henry Toms after E. Heemskerck.
Lettering: Alas poor whore, thou art fairly trap'd, Tho' by thy spark so sweetly lap'd, And for thy midnight vice and folly, Your fate is now to mill your dolly."

If anyone knows where I can find larger versions of the last two of these images, please let me know.

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peacay said...

You sent me off for an hour long search and destroy Heemskerck mission the other day. I was destroyed that the mission was unsuccessful. I really like those images. Cheers.