Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bruce Pennington

The above painting by Pennington was the cover to an anthology titled "Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos, Volume 1".

Tim White

Trail of Cthulhu - "In its lair on a shunned and remote south pacific island, and protected by disciples, an ancient evil god in a slimy dark well is fed by acolytes. They throw kidnapped victims to their dreadful deaths in the jaws of the hideous monster. Its evil influence spreads beyond the island as its sinister power increases."

Dagon - "In a noisome and foul smelling cavern in the depths of hell a hideous demon gorges itself, greedily devouring helpless mortals who have unjustly taken lives in this world. The demon, with others of its order, are well supplied with victims from our earthly dimension."

Wayne Barlowe

Still more to come, I'll be adding more Lovecraft related art later today.

Philippe Druillet

The following pages are from Druillet's "Necronomicon" which originally appeared in a special Lovecraft issue of Heavy Metal magazine from 1979. To see a list of other comics that have used Lovecraft stories, click here.

More Lovecraft illustrations by Druillet can be found at his offical website.

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