Monday, November 27, 2006

Cambrian Lifeforms
Usually I link to artists who paint or draw creatures like this based out of their imaginations. But these links are to photographs, recreations and illustrations of animals that really lived millions of years ago. Read about the discovery of these incredibly strange and ancient creatures here.

Click the following numbers to see sections from a painting of a Cambrian era underwater landscape.
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This bizarre creature was named "Hallucigenia Sparsa ". Hallucigenia translates to the source of a dream or vision. Here's a few more pictures of it.

There's a short computer animated movie on this page showing Cambrian life.

Many colorful illustrations of Cambrian lifeforms here.

Click the names above each thumbnail illustration here to see large illustrations of each unusual creature.

Burgess Shale Fossil Index

Illustrations of the Anomalocarid species.

Trilobite images here and here.

Illustrations of Cambrian life here here here here here and here.

Click the image at the bottom of this page for a detailed illustration of Cambrian lifeforms.

Click the small organism picture to the right of the world icon here to see more Cambrian lifeforms.

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