Sunday, September 10, 2006

Marcelo Bordese

"I do not construct the beings that inhabit in my paintings, I destroy them. Their delicious and final pulp is the dish served in a banquet where I am at the same time , creator, executioner, chef, and fellow diner.
Against nature (contranatura) is humor and disfigurement. The creatures of this fauna suffer the unconfortableness of their experimental anatomies, and with them, for them andf in them, the saltpeter of their existential displeasure. Involuntary grotesque, they find in the metamorphosis, their only hope. They are nobody's anatomy lesson. They experience the absurd, the silence and the complexity; in fact, that particular dirt that means be alive.
The smart fatality of the modifications, with it own rules and/or private scatology, ejects these creatures towards a situation of withdrawing humor, humor used like a shelter, not as an exit. Humor but not comically; humor that is the voluptuocity of contempt. That provokes not laugh, but grimace and break down." quote taken from here.

There's many incredibly disturbing creatures in this gallery such as the martian like thing posted above with rooster corpses spraying out of the eye sockets.

You'll find varous artworks by Bordese here here and here.
2nd Gallery


Anonymous said...

Hi Aeron, October 2009,...I have just found the works of Bordese, I was about to tell you about them and found that you had done a post three years ago!
Some of your links have died, so here is his website....

The pictures are a bit small, but I have found a few larger jpegs here and there on various blogs.
A mixture of Grunewald and medical illustration.
Paul Rumsey.

Aeron said...

Thanks Paul, yeah I need to go through all the old links and fix dead links etc. Need to fix the text on a lot of these older posts. I did an update to the blog awhile back that (just lightly) messed up the text allignment, oh well.

This is certainly an intriguing artist!