Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Andrej & Olga Dugin
"The enchanting work of the husband and wife team Andre and Olga Dugin fills the pages of their unique re-telling of the Grimm Brother's story THE BRAVE LITTLE TAILOR. The duo (both originally from Moscow, now living in Germany) works in the tradition of Hieronymous Bosch or Peter Bruegel. In their version, which took over two years to produce, each corner of every illustration is filled with outrageous details; a gigantic fish sits in a birdcage, a tiny elephant walks upside down on the ceiling, winged salt shakers carry threaded needles."

2nd Gallery

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CopperMollusk said...

So much weirdness, so little time.

You really spoil us with your high frequency postings!

I view these whilst listening to Joni Mitchell and Extreme Noise Terror.