Thursday, September 24, 2020

Richard Taylor (1902 - 70) - The Document

Richard Taylor - The Document

"Although Taylor is most known for his gag cartoons which poked fun at society, and humorous illustrations for a variety of books (Fractured French, My Husband Keeps Telling Me To Go To Hell, Half a Dollar Is Better Than None etc), it seems his private passion–and one he would pursue til late in life without seeking commercial benefit–was fantasy art. Taylor created a fantasy world called Frodokom, in which he based an entire series of watercolor, print and oil paintings that featured surrealistic creatures and landscapes. Maurice Horn’s Encyclopedia of Cartooning says of Taylor’s work “There is an individuality to his large-eyed, heavy lidded characters that makes one think of fairy tales and other worlds…” In the mid 1930s, he created 40 illustrations for Worm’s End, an adult fantasy book by Lionel Reed." - quote source. 

 Artwork found at Heritage Auctions. 

 A selection of Arkham House book covers by Taylor were previously shared here.


Peteski said...

this looks like a still from an animated opening credits sequence for pretty kewl movie

Anonymous said...

What is Worm's End?