Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Jakub Erol (1941 - 2018) Polish Film Posters

Jakub Erol - Raiders of the Lost Ark, 1983Raiders of the Lost Ark, 1983 Jakub Erol - Alien, 1980Alien, 1980 Jakub Erol - I Like Bats, 1986I Like Bats, 1986 Jakub Erol - Romancing the Stone, 1984Romancing the Stone, 1984 Jakub Erol - Christine, 1983Christine, 1983 Jakub Erol - Women Doctors, 1984Women Doctors, 1984 Jakub Erol - Devils, 1984Devils, 1984 Jakub Erol - Magic Fires, 1983Magic Fires, 1983 Jakub Erol - Ultimatum, 1984Ultimatum, 1984 Jakub Erol - Amadeus, 1986Amadeus, 1986 Jakub Erol - Bermuda Triangle, 1987Bermuda Triangle, 1987 Jakob Erol - Pigs, 1972Pigs, 1972 Jakob Erol - Private Investigation, 1987Private Investigation, 1987 Jakub Erol - Runaway Train, 1988Runaway Train, 1988 Short Film About Killing, 1988Short Film About Killing, 1988


Sarmor said...

The Pigs poster is for a 1992 Polish crime film:

Anonymous said...

Of course the art is fantastic. And I've always loved that Alien poster. But seriously, more credit needs to be paid to the artist's agent!
"So, it's a movie about divorced lawyers fighting over custody for their own child? Well I guess my guy can do you a skull with two hands pulling at an egg or something. How does that sound?"

"So your movie is about a ruthless Wall St banker? I guess my guy can do you a skull with some dollar signs instead of teeth, or something. So we're good?"

"So, your movie is about a superhuman blonde guy who lives in a place called Greyskull and fights a purple guy with a skull for a head? Well, I guess my guy can do you an upside down chair with cat-faces for the chair feet. Yes?"