Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More Dark Rides


King Unicorn said...

There's something about these places that's inherently more terrifying than the empty spookhouse on the corner of the street. For me, it's the blend of carnival creepiness and urban legend.

Much like Captain Spaulding's "Chicken 'n Murder" gas station, I fully expect these places to be staffed by flesh-craving carnies and nomadic serial killers.

Anonymous said...

wow... i'm leaving these dark ride picture blogs... keep 'em coming

TwoHeadedBoy said...

That one at the end is one of the funniest things I've ever seen! Any idea where it's from?

Aeron said...

My imagination carries me to the same conclusions, King. Did you ever read about the corpse of Elmer McCurdy? An Oklahoma outlaw whose mummified body was discovered in the Nu-Pike amusement park in Long Beach, California in December 1976.

"While residing in the wax museum, it is rumored that he was put on display in an open casket ironically next to Bill Doolin, an actual famous Oklahoma outlaw. It is even said that while Elmer was located at the wax museum, a purchaser of wax dummies refused to buy him, claiming that Elmer did not look real enough. McCurdy supposedly then did some time in a few low budget films before ending up as a prop in the Pike amusement park’s funhouse for over four years.

It was in the amusement park that it was finally discovered that Elmer McCurdy was in fact a real corpse as opposed to a wax fake. The discovery was made when a film crew for the television show, The Six Million Dollar Man, was preparing to film a few scenes for an episode called "Carnival of Spies". A worker apparently moved the “hanging man” which caused one of its arms to fall off revealing bones inside what had been previously thought to be a fake prop. Medical examiners and forensic experts determined that McCurdy had been shot by a bullet and approximated the manufacture date as the early 1900s from the half copper jacket that was still in the body. Further evidence about the identity of the corpse was gathered when they discovered stuffed inside Elmer’s mouth a 1924 penny and a ticket for the “Louis Sonney's Museum of Crime” formerly on 521 S. Main street, Los Angeles. It didn’t take long to locate the former owner’s son who identified the corpse and explained how his father would charge a quarter for people to see it."

And I think that I found that last image in this image tumblr?

Mr. Freibert said...

I've been on that one that is eighth from the top, it says "haunted house," it's in Ocean City Maryland. it's the only thing worth doing on the board walk.

whoa, that's some awesome info about Elmer McCurdy, inspiring