Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dark Rides

More Dark Ride related pictures will be shared over the rest of the week!


SEAN said...

Great theme to pursue Aeron. Most of the haunted houses at carnivals tend to be more exciting on the outside than on the inside, which i guess makes sense for the carnival, but if these things were totally cool on the inside, there'd be a line & i'd ride it multiple times. In case any ride developer carny people are reading. Up the ante a bit.

goblin said...

Sixth picture from the top: I recognize that haunted house from my childhood. The talking tree (yes, it talked!) gave me the creeps, but I can't really recall what the inside was like, so I guess it must have been not particularly impressive.

Aeron said...

When I was in art school a girl in one of my painting classes was getting paid to paint weird stuff in glow in the dark paint at a haunted house for those dark light rooms. I was really envious, I'd love to get to decorate and build all the crazy stuff for these places.

I love the theatrics of these places so much. The combination of sound effects, bizarre lighting, visuals, all while riding a weird little vehicle through a large dark space.

TwoHeadedBoy said...

Indeed, truly being a dark ride designer would be the best job in the world ever.

Really looking forward to the rest of the week - might I suggest the Haunted House at Alton Towers, Staffs, UK? Don't know if there're any pictures on the Internet, but the inside of that thing is immense.