Saturday, August 09, 2008

Victor Cayro / Bald Eagles

This should have been a villain in John Carpenter's "Big Trouble In Little China." Check out more of Cayro's artwork, which is for sale, on his flickr gallery.


Unknown said...

I love your website, first posting.. I feel compelled to say.. All i see when I see this picture is Jeb W Bush, wearing something like a shriners hat (or some masonic ritual hat)

it feels like he should be at a podium seeting out rules in a lodge.. it really loooks like bush to me :p

Aeron said...

Thanks Greg, and so far as the picture, must be the ears?

Unknown said...

I think its the dark black soul-less eyes.

The wrinkled tight eyebrows in the middle

The way his upper lip meets his lower lip.

When he is hiding a facial expression by closing his mouth.

kinda like this face:

Either way, REALLY good regardless of intent to mirror that man