Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dante's Divine Comedy Manuscript Pages, 14th Century

"Minos and a group of souls entering hole. Canto V."

"Souls threatened by devil with club. Souls fly to Cerberus. Canto V and VI."

"Chiron and centaurs guarding the River of Boiling Blood. Chiron and the other centaurs are here represented as devils. Canto 12."

"Seven horned and armed devils guard the city of Dis. Canto VIII."

"The three furies, Canto IX."

"The poets fly on Geryon's back past burning sinners, Canto XVII."

"Barrators being steeped in pitch in a cauldron, while four horned devils with forks accost the poets. Canto XXI."

"Calcabina dives into the pitch after a sinner, while Malebranche and other sinners stand by. Canto XXII."

Pages found at the Bodleian Library. There are a dozen or more pages from this collection posted in their gallery.

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