Sunday, April 29, 2007

Jan Provost - The Last Judgement
This painting made from oil on oak panel dated at 1525 presents a Bosch influenced opening into hell. You can see the rest of the painting here.

Daniel Hopfer

The above etching is titled "Three Old Women Beating a Devil On The Ground." You can see more works by Hopfer at the great post on his etchings at BibliOdyssey and the gallery page at Wikipedia.

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Paul Rumsey said...

Hi Aeron
Thankyou for including me on the sidebar, and thankyou also for introducing me to BibliOdyssey,I have found so much amazing stuff there in the last year. The one I was most pleased to find was "Flight to the Antipodes" on March 04 2007, proto science fiction illustrations from 1781, with odd erotic human/animal hybrids and strange flying devices,- I saw a couple of these illustrations about 20 years ago and now at last I get to see the whole series! All the best, Paul.