Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Philipe Galle
Number 36, my favorite print from Galle's series of 37 titled "Passio Mors et Resurrecto de Nostri Jesu Christi " The rest of the prints deal with Jesus Christ addressing various situations and characters but this one has the citizens of Hell in all their demonic glory.

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Paul Rumsey said...

The drawings for this series of prints are by Jan Van Der Straet, called Giovanni Stradano, an amazing artist who produced a vast body of work, including 100 very strange hunting scenes (also engraved by Galle), they show how to hunt many animals including unicorns, giant snakes, dragons, satyres, bees, moths and sea monsters. Leopards are vain so you catch them with mirrors, tigers are tempted with a pot of human excrement hung in a tree, they keep jumping up to try and reach it until they fall asleep. Paul.