Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hercules Killing the Lemean Hydra

Here's a fantastic engraving by Dutch engraver Cornelis Cort. This is the 5th in a
set of the ten Labors of Hercules dated at 1565. Cort was the pupil of Heironymus Cock, who published all the great prints by Peter Brueghel the Elder.

Created by Barthel Beham, dated 1545.

This depiction of Hercules about to bash the brains in of the Lemean Hydra is by the Italian, Giovanni Battista Franco. The etching is dated within the 16th century.

The above engraving by Aegid Rousselet (Giles) is titled "Hercules killing the hydra headed monster" dated 17th century.

Another monster battle, this one is by another Italian engraver, Giovanni Jacopo Caraglio. The print titled "Hercules killing the Hydra of Lerna" is dated in the 16th century.

Made by Antonio del Pollaiuolo, tempera on wood, 1475.

Gustave Moreau from 1876.

More examples of this theme can be seen here here and here.
And be sure to click here to view a translation of the text these paintings and prints are based upon.


Paul Rumsey said...

The Caraglio is from a drawing by Rosso Fiorentino who also drew a brilliant "Fury", also engraved by Caraglio, see Caraglio "Der Zorn". The Cornelis Cort is from a series of ten paintings by Frans Floris, now lost, last seen 1768, they were seven feet high. As there are twelve Labours of Hercules two of the prints show another labour in the background. Floris also painted an amazing "Fall of the Rebel Angels". Paul.

Paul Rumsey said...

And the Rousselet is from a Guido Reni in the Louvre. Paul.

Paul Rumsey said...

Hi Aeron, there is wonderful set of all 12 labours of Hercules by Heinrich Aldegrever at Paul.