Saturday, August 26, 2006

Terrance Lindall

I've been a huge fan of Terrance Lindall for a very long time. I discovered his incredible monster filled artwork in the pages of Heavy Metal magazine back in the 80's. Back in 1997 I had a website that focused on displaying artists like those that I post links to here everyday. Interestingly a few of those pages connected to that gallery are still alive, such as the page I made for Tim Burton. But I had a gallery dedicated to Terrance Lindall which has apparently gone offline over the last decade. It's a shame that in that time there still isn't a better online gallery of his work, perhaps someday

This gallery has many large sized works by Lindall.
You'll find 8 works by Lindall based on "Paradise Lost" here.

Cover of Creepy #108
Cover of Creepy #116
Cover of Eerie #103
Cover of Vampirella #86
Biography on the artist.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aeron. I am in contact with Terrance and asked him if I could create a large gallery of his work on our new site He said yes and here it is:
I also recently purchased an original Painting of Lindalls:
He is also one of my favourite artists. I'm not sure if you have seen our new site. I think you would enjoy alot of art there. We are also starting a blog there soon for Surreal & Fantastic Art and I would love you to be one of the editors. You have great taste in art.
Jon Beinart beinart(at)gmail(dot)com

beinArt said... Interview with Terrance Lindall