Saturday, August 26, 2006

Andy Bolus
This gallery contains a really weird combination of painting and drawing layered on top of pornographic photographs. The results are nightmarish to say the least.
There's also some weird comic book pages that have been manipulated, a very interesting idea. This page titled "Satanex" appears to be a collection of scans from a mini book put out by the artist. If you enjoy this artist I'm sure you'll also appreciate the works of Jonathon Rosen. I was reminded of his work upon looking at Bolus's imagery.

This site was recommended to me by another great artist I've recently featured, Shobo Shobo.

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andy bolus said...

thanks very much for writing about my work on your excellent blog!
im making a new book for Le Dernier Cri which should be printed and ready in October this year, so if you are interested, i'm sure i can get you a copy somehow...
oh,also,heres my email ad: evilmoisture at
thanks again,
-andy bolus