Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Jim Nutt and the rest of the Hairy Who

"Jim Nutt is a figurative artist associated with the Chicago Imagists, most specifically with the second generation of artists who called themselves The Hairy Who. The themes and styles of these artists favored fantasy, caricature and political commentary—in visual satires of the foibles of celebrity, mass media, and political ambition. Nutt, like other colleagues in the group—Edward Paschke and Roger Brown—studied at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago. In his expressionist distortion of form and Surrealist improbability, Nutt's art, in keeping with Chicago Imagism, also reflects the Windy City's history of private collecting, which during mid-century and later was marked by an attraction to Surrealism and the expressionist traditions."
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This gallery linked in the picture above has a small selection of Jim Nutt artwork.
2 drawings and a painting
1 painting
Double click the picture in this link to see a larger example of one of Nutt's paintings.
Click here to read a short article on Jim Nutt.

Unfortunately there is very little work by Jim Nutt online, but there is even less of the remaining members of the Hairy Who, Art Green, James Falconer and Suellen Rocca.

Click the following links to see a few examples of the other Hairy Who members whose style and imagery fit in alongside the previous 3 mentioned artists.

Link 1 - One work by Art Green and one by Jim Nutt.
Link 2 - Dozens of works including all members of the Hairy Who as well as other Chicago Imagist artists like Roger Brown.

The Chicago Imagists which the Hairy Who were connected with were also known as the "Monster Roster".

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