Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Gladys Nilsson
One of the founders of the "Hairy Who" art group, Nilsson's imagery consistently displays oddly shaped humans performing various activities. One of the stranger and surreal aspects of Nilsson's works is the inclusion of miniature people along with the more normal sized characters. It's difficult to make out but at the bottom of the picture posted above is a parade of tiny characters walking towards the rightside of the composition.

2nd Gallery
3rd Gallery
4th Gallery
5th Gallery
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2 Etchings
Single painting
Single painting

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Luke P. said...

I'm glad to see your getting into the HAiry Who. There's a great article on them, with interviews and lots of images , in the Ganzfeld #4 ( I believe it's 4). There's also this great book I have called EYE INFECTION that features a couple Hairy Who guys, along with PEter Saul, Mike KElley , R. Crumb and HC Westermann. IT's good stuff. look for it.