Thursday, December 09, 2010

Banished Demons Of Serbia

Ivica Stevanovic - Werewolf

Ivica Stevanovic - Psoglavi

Ivica Stevanovic - Doghead Sketches

Ivica Stevanovic - Baba Roga

Ivica Stevanovic - Baba Roga Sketch 1

Ivica Stevanovic - Baba Roga Sketch 2

Ivica Stevanovic - Karakondzula

Ivica Stevanovic - Karakondzula 2Above illustrations by Ivica Stevanovic, see more of his artwork on his blog.

Vanja Todoric - Babice

Vanja Todoric - Talason

Vanja Todoric - Mora

Vanja Todoric - SketchesAbove four pieces by Vanja Todoric, see more artwork by Vanja at their blog.

Dragan Bibin - Plague's Gaze

Dragan Bibin - Plague's Gaze Sketch The above two pieces are by Dragan Bibin, one of the most interesting artist names I've come across. A detailed article on this artwork can be viewed at Dragan's blog here.

Petar Meseldžija - Svjatogor Petar posted an excellent process article on this painting here.

Petar Meseldžija - Giants - The Bull Fight - Drawing

Petar Meseldžija - Giants - The Bull Fight - Finished Painting

Petar Meseldžija - Giants Above four pieces by Petar Meseldžija, see more of his work on his blog and website.

All illustrations above are included in the book "Banished Demons" covering Serbian Mythological creatures, preview the book here.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Merry Krampus!

Krampus 1

Krampus 2

Krampus 3

Krampus 4

Krampus 5

Krampus 6

Krampus 7

It's that time of the year again, for demons to march through European streets and punish those foolish enough to cross ol Saint Nick!

"Traditionally, young men dress up as the Krampus in the first two weeks of December, particularly on the evening of 5 December, and roam the streets frightening children and women with rusty chains and bells. In some rural areas the tradition also includes birching – corporal punishment with a birch rod – by Krampus, especially of young girls. Images of Krampus usually show him with a basket on his back used to carry away bad children and dump them into the pits of Hell." - quote source

Dig through the Monster Brains archive for more Krampus imagery.