Thursday, January 23, 2020

Monster Brains Turns 14!

Matt Furie - Monster Brains Logo 1Matt Furie

Monster Brains was created 14 years ago on January 23rd, 2006.  I have many great posts planned for 2020 and beyond. If you've enjoyed what I've contributed to Monster Brains over the nearly decade and a half, please consider donating to the site.

Any donation from you makes it easier for me to continue finding and sharing amazing and obscure art related to the field of monsters at Monster Brains!

MONSTER BRAINS LOGO - Aleksandra WaliszewskaAleksandra Waliszewska

MONSTER BRAINS LOGO - Johnny RyanJohnny Ryan

MONSTER BRAINS LOGO - John Kenn MortensenJohn Kenn Mortensen

MONSTER BRAINS LOGO - Trevor HendersonTrevor Henderson

MONSTER BRAINS LOGO - Fufu FrauenwahlFufu Frauenwahl

MONSTER BRAINS LOGO - Marcus ShaferMarcus Schäfer

MONSTER BRAINS LOGO - Dieter VDODieter Van der Ougstraete

MONSTER BRAINS LOGO - Michael SkattumMichael Skattum

Sean Aaberg - Monster BrainsSean Aaberg


Dr. Theda said...

Congrats !!

John said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! A super blog -- keep it up. I always visit here for inspiration.

Patrick Holton said...

One of my favorite blogs ever.