Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Nikolai Kalmakoff

Nikolai Kalmakov - Satan, 1923Satan, 1923
 Nikolai Kalmakov - La Femme de Satan, 1850 La Femme de Satan, 1919
 Nikolai Kalmakov - Saint George, 1916Saint George, 1916
Nikolai Kalmakov - Rebel AngelRebel Angel
  Nikolai Kalmakov - La Febbre (Bozzetto di Costume Teatrale), 1909La Febbre (Bozzetto di Costume Teatrale), 1909
 Nikolai Kalmakov - The Sealed Door, 1926The Sealed Door, 1926

Nikolai Kalmakov - Death, 1913Death, 1913

Nikolai Kalmakov - Bacchanalia, 1930
Bacchanalia, 1930

An extensive article with images on Kalmakov can be found at Visionary Revue.

Rebel Angel found thanks to Ace Cudgel.

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Stefan Poag said...

Thank you for this! I had a few images from this artist saved on my hard drive but had forgotten his name and lost the link to that article (where I originally lifted the images).
Fascinating, decadent stuff!