Friday, January 16, 2015

Lucas Cranach the Elder - The Last Judgement (1524 - 30)

Lucas Cranach the Elder -  The Last Judgement, 1525-30 (detail) Lucas Cranach the Elder -  The Last Judgement, 1525-30Cranach's original painting from 1525 - 30 of The Last Judgement.

Lucas Cranach (after Hieronymus Bosch) - The Last Judgement, 1524Cranach's copy from around 1524, after Hieronymus Bosch's version of The Last Judgement.

 Artworks found at Greco's Ghosts and Wikimedia Commons.


Willard Herman said...

This just seems like the banal, mundane (is that the same....?! (?!)).... Goings on for human persons....

I really enjoy your posts!!

Anonymous said...

i often wonder why the demons depicted in art from this time period are never really terrifying. they kind of look a little cute. is it a cultural definition of terrifying that's lost in translation or is there something about the nature of the demonic that is trying to be communicated? i wonder what they would have to say about the muppets.