Tuesday, March 06, 2012

R.I.P. Ralph Mcquarrie

While Ralph is best known for his work on Star Wars, he also contributed to the mythology of one of my favorite films, Clive Barker's Nightbreed. He painted the giant mural that is shown at the beginning of the film depicting symbolic imagery of the monsters and their history. A detailed article on the creation of the opening sequence can be viewed at the official Clive Barker resource, Revelations.

Additional art from the film can be viewed at Ralph Mcquarrie.com

I've had an epic Mcquarrie post planned for over a year and had been hoping to pull together additional art before sharing it but I think now is the time. Expect to see a vast assortment of Mcquarrie's Star Wars art later this week.


Scarlet Wish said...

Somehow I tend to think about Cabal a lot when going through your blog, almost a deja vu. You do come off a bit like that in my imagination I guess :D

Scarlet Wish said...
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Aeron said...

Well this is the Midian of the internet, God's an Astronaut, Oz is Over the Rainbow, and Monster Brains is where the monsters live. Now if only my last name were Boone.