Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Matt Furie

Matt Furie - 1

Matt Furie - 2

Matt Furie - 3

Matt Furie - 4

Matt Furie - 5

Matt Furie - 6

Matt Furie - 7

Matt Furie - 8

Matt Furie - 9

Matt Furie - 10

Matt Furie - 11

Matt Furie - 12

Matt Furie - 13

Matt Furie - 14

Matt Furie - 15

Matt Furie - 16

Matt Furie - 17

Matt Furie - 18

Starting this year I've chosen to have a different artist illustrate the Monster Brains logo each month. As you can see Matt Furie did an awesome job depicting the Monster Brains title in his uniquely insane creatures.

Check out more of Matt's artwork at You can buy his artwork through his shop on etsy. And Matt's first kids book "The Night Riders" will be out in May of this year, see a preview of it here. Pre order it on Amazon here.

I encourage anyone that is a fan of Matt's art to check out his ongoing comic series "Boys Club" one of the funniest comics I've ever read. Here's a preview of issue four.


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Eric said...

This months logo looks really awesome. Nice job Matt.

Dr. Theda said...

I thought that the style of art work used for the new logo was the same artist ... Nice job !!