Friday, December 16, 2011

Walton Ford - It Makes Me Think of That Awful Day

Walton Ford - It Makes Me Think of That Awful Day

Gigantic painting of King Kong from Walton's new trio of paintings titled "I Don’t Like to Look at Him, Jack. It Makes Me Think of that Awful Day on the Island."

See the other two paintings in their exhibition space at Arrested Motion.

Walton Ford In The Studio

“I was reading the script of the original movie,” Mr. Ford said at the gallery the next day, “when I realized, when Fay Wray says this, ‘I don’t like to look at him, Jack. It makes me think of that awful day on the island,’ that was the best day for King Kong, that was the best day he ever had. He had his best girl. He undressed her, he saved her from a tyrannosaurus, he climbs up Skull Mountain with her, he had this wonderful day and he has this beautiful plaything. The worst day of her life was the best day of his and you can’t have a worse stalker disconnect than the one between Kong and Fay Wray.” - Walton Ford

Artist in the studio picture and quote found at Gallerist NY.

Top image found thanks to Sarcoptiform.

On the subject of King Kong, I have an epic assortment of images, many high resolution scans of concept art and film stills from the original film, going on Monster Brains early next year.


Rik said...

Love anything King Kong! Keep it coming.

King Kong said...

An interesting point, but I don't see Kong as a stalker. I think there was a connection between the two of them. I think Ray respected Kong in the end - this is especially true in the remake.