Sunday, January 30, 2011

VHS Box Art This Week!

Troll 2 (VHS box cover)

C.h.u.d. 2 (VHS box cover)

Terror Vision (VHS box cover)

What originally was going to be a simple post of ten vhs boxes, three of which are included here, turned into something much larger. So this week I'll be sharing with you some of the more intriguing monster related vhs boxes I've stumbled onto. Expect to see around 150 monster filled, insane, horrific, cheesy, awesome vhs boxes all week!

If anyone has a vhs collection of their own that they're interested in scanning any movies that relate in some way to monsters, I'd be happy to share them on here. Send any scans (the larger the better) to me at evilenergy @ yahoo dot com


Philosopher's Mess said...

Awesome! love this blog

Anonymous said...

theres a lot of vhs box art scans out there. i'll get you some links to a blog or two that specialize in that sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

heres a couple blogs with plenty of VHS scans.

Ben-o Gust-o said...

haha all three are 80's classics.
It's addicted to metal!

Jimmy Giegerich said...

hey aeron, i have a pretty large collection of vhs tapes with some crazy art. i'll shoot you a bunch of scans later this week.

Aeron said...

Thanks for the links.

And I look forward to the scans Jimmy! Feel free to send the files as big as you want.

Yan Basque said...

Is it just me or is the boy on the cover of Troll II not even the actor who's actually in the movie? He looks like a different kid to me.

If so that makes it even more hilarious and awesome.

Beef said...

I have Terrorvision on vhs taped off the tv. "Ya wearin' one of those Halley-ween mask?"