Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stanislav Kovalev

Stanislav Kovalev 1

Stanislav Kovalev 2

Stanislav Kovalev 3

Stanislav Kovalev 4

Stanislav Kovalev 5

Stanislav Kovalev 6

See more illustrations by Stanislav here.


├ůsa said...

You're blog is awsome, and I really enjoy browsing though all the images, art and such that you find and publish here.

Have you ever seen the works of the swiss/swede Hans Arnold (R.I.P.)?

Unknown said...

I really enjoy the Baba Yaga illustrations in particular-

Rick Nice said...

Man, I love these. I tried Googling the artist's name but couldn't find anything about him. If anybody has any more info on him, please share. This is awesome stuff.

By the way, I just learned about this site and it's become a favorite of mine. I check it every day.

Dr. Theda said...

Nice images of Baba Yaga...