Friday, January 21, 2011

Ralph Consentino - Mickey Mojira & Friends

Ralph Cosentino - Mickey Mojira"MICKEY MOJIRA = Mickey Mouse + Godzilla (Gojira in Japanese)"

Ralph Cosentino - RODANALD DUCK"RODONALD DUCK = Rodan + Donal Duck"

Ralph Cosentino - GAMOOFY "GAMOOFY = Gamera + Goofy"

"These were a series of small paintings I did for a Kaiju ( Japanese for monsters ) show in Japan curated by Mark Nagata a few years ago. I’m pretty passionate about Japanese monster films and toys along with American characters like Mickey Mouse and thought it would be interesting to create hybrid creatures from some of the most popular characters of the east and west. I think these would make a fun series of vinyl toys if I could get away with it. Then again it is parody so maybe it’s possible." - quote from Ralph 

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mochi 餅 said...

This are pretty cool, specially donald duck....It´s really scary... but also the real one!