Saturday, January 09, 2010

David Paleo

Say hello to the strange wonderful twisted grotesque brilliant amazing work of David Paleo. I count David as a friend and have been meaning to show his work here a long time. I was describing his art to him the other week which I think sums it up best, "Kind of like ripping open a dead bird and seeing cartoon characters for organs." His work carries a visceral combination of hideous nightmare and fanciful whimsy.

David Paleo is from Argentina, he will have work in the next issues of HOTWIRE, The Asylum of Horrors, Sleazy Slice among others. There's an excellent two page comic involving a witch that David created a few years back titled "Haunted House On A Hill" which can be viewed here.

More work from David can be found on his blog, Monster Without A Cause.

Anyone interested in purchasing an original or to commission a drawing, you can contact David at davidpaleo at



As always I enjoy the Hell out of visiting your site.

And that is why I have awarded you a ONE LOVELY BLOG award...

shel said...

very talented love it!

CRABULA said...

The halloween comic was cool. This blog is great. It makes me hungry for Frosted Monster Brains, my favorite cereal that doesn't actually exist.