Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Videogames Day 3, Epic Battles Continue, Insert Coin Here!

In case you're wondering, yes, the rest of the week will be videogame related.


King Unicorn said...

This is a great series of posts and I'm glad we've got more to go. Love the mix of excitement and nostalgia you've conjured collecting some of these old favorites with titles I somehow missed. And titles that routinely ate through my meager allowance.

I do so love the sounds of electric adventure that roar out of an arcade.

Aeron said...

Thanks, yes some very insane and awesome pictures yet to come!

My family owned a skating rink when I was growing up and we had arcade games spread through out the place. Something like 20 - 25, with the supplier bringing in new games all the time. After a session or whenever the place was closed, my dad would unlock all the games quarter slot plates. There's a small switch behind where the coins fall in that you can tap that will set off additional credits. So my brothers, a few lucky friends, and I could play these games as much as we wanted, usually as long as we wanted. Yes, I had an awesome childhood.

On a few occasions my dad would remove the glass plate on some of the pinball machines so we could goof around with the crazy gadgetry on them. Pinbot was my favorite.

For the record, I almost ALMOST beat Karnov on one quarter when I was around 10 years old. Never could beat that goddamn boss!

12FV, RFV said...

you have an awesome blog

John Rozum said...


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Coop said...

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