Friday, August 14, 2009

Guy Davis - The Marquis, Inferno

I planned on doing this post next month but the newly collected comic stories of The Marquis by Guy Davis was released a month early and is in stores now. If you enjoy the monsters I post here you'll really like the bizarre assortment of hellish beasts that Guy has drawn in this fantastic book. He recently started a blog showcasing sketches and various artworks related to The Marquis, check it out here.

Visit Guy's website for more information on The Marquis.

And it appears the book is still listed only as a preorder through Dark Horse, but if you check out a local comic or book store, you're likely to find this sitting on the shelf.

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King Unicorn said...

Guy Davis is a powerhouse. He's a wonderfully gifted artist and a fine storyteller to boot. His creature designs never cease to thrill and his work for the old World of Darkness line of books define modern horror for me.

I was able to secure the previous Marquis works through Oni Press, but have been waiting quite anxiously for this latest release to update my collection. Great to see this post leading a relaunch for 18th century demon hunting.

Malath said...

yea Guy Davis' work is awesome.
His art collection books are a great buy!