Sunday, May 17, 2009

8 MM Horror Film Covers


Unknown said...

These are absolutely great. I love old horror movie posters and pulp magazine covers.

Russell U. Richards said...

Wow- even the covers are like cheapie versions of the original movie posters! Many of which were by poster artist Reynold Brown, who would make a great subject for Monster Brains, hint hint. The Illustrated Press just published a wonderful book about Reynold Brown:

BTW, when are you going to do the Monster Brains tee?

Aeron said...

Thanks for putting a name to the artist of so many of the great movie posters of the middle of the last century! I've posted a handful of them in previous posts but never in reference to the artist who painted them. I'll have to come up with an interesting selection of his artworks for a future post, thanks for the suggestion!

And I'm hoping to have the tshirt thing figured out early next year. I'd love to get it worked out right now but my time is being consumed by a lot of other things. I'm thinking of having a couple of design options, one of which will possibly require me to get copyright permission from a variety of sources. I'm thinking of something like a grid of squares with croppings of monster related art in each from art spanning the last dozen of centuries or so.