Friday, December 12, 2008

André Franquin

Drawings found here.

See more of Franquin's monsters at and on this thread.

Learn more about Andre Franquin in this wikipedia article.

A preview of a Franquin book of monsters can be found at comics

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Li-An said...

Not a single comment for Franquin, what a shame...
André Franquin was one of the most famous comics author in France and Belgium (he is Belgian (?)) for his work on Spirou and his creation Gaston Lagaffe.
I think he is a real genius and I put him on my top list with Moebius, Hugo Pratt and some more.
He draws these monsters for his own pleasure. Some were published in fanzines or on TShirts. He was a very anxious and shy guy and this can explain his taste for horrific creatures...
It's a real pity he is not known outside french or dutch spoken countries.