Friday, October 31, 2008


Welcome one and all to the first ever Monster Brains art show. I am honored to have so many incredible artists contribute their strange visions here. On the day when monsters are celebrated, demons welcomed at the door, I present to you a wild and bizarre assortment of imagery inspired by the women of dark magic spells and abominations.

Bill Dunlap - Untitled, 400 dollars.

Bill Dunlap - Untitled, 400 dollars.

Bill Dunlap - Untitled, 400 dollars.

Bill Dunlap - Untitled, 400 dollars. Contact Bill through his website here.

King Unicorn - The Common Curse, "Here we have wild conjurer inspecting with her crooked eye the effects of her spell on its victim: a trespassing villager twisted halfway between man and toad." Currently not for sale. See more of the incredible sculptures of King Unicorn here.

Paul Rumsey - Untitled. See more work by Paul at his website.

Mia Makila - "Portrait Of A Witch" mixed media on antique photo, 2008. $180

Mia Makila - "Transformer", Mixed media on
antique oil print in a golden frame (for sale in February 2009)

Mia Makila - "The Witch And The Pink Madness" mixed media on canvas, 2008, 40 x 40 cm.
$490 Mia can be contacted through her website here.

James McCrea - "Within Their Peccant Aperture" artwork not for sale, see more work from James at Terrible Sacrifices.

Gaspard Garcia - Untitled

Gaspard Garcia - Untitled

David Paleo - New Age Nihilists. The above drawing is 25 by 34 cm, anyone interested in purchasing it can write to davidpaleo at More artwork from David can be viewed at his art blog, Monster WIthout A Cause.

Leon Sadler - Making A Witch

Leon Sadler - Swamp Witch.
Anyone interested in buying the above two works (both A4 sized) can contact Leon for price info through Famicon.

Brian McKenzie - Witch hallucinating, made of sticks. Visit Brian's art blog to see more or to contact him regarding pricing of this etching edition.

Craoman - Witch

Craoman - Witch. See more works by Craoman at his art blog.

Marcus Schafer - Shoe Shine Witch. More from Marcus at Chunky Maggots.

Jon Chandler - `Witch on a Broomstick` See more from Jon at Bone House Books.

Many thanks to the artists who participated in this. Monster Brains will return to regular posting in two weeks.


galeria de antares said...

AAAUUUU!! good things ,good cut heads ,good halloween for you!, salut from Barcelona.

Andrew said...

Sweet witchy excellence!! Your site never fails to entertain and astonish.

Paleo said...

Damn Aeron, what a fantastic job you did on this! i'm particularly impressed with the work of Bill Dunlap ( how the FUCK this guy slipped below my radar? i'm growing old...) but all the work's outstanding, and original! wich is the rarest of virtues nowadays.

I'm also beyond thrilled to share even the flimsiests of links with Paul Rumsey.

I hope some day you get to curate a "non-virtual" exhibition, i'm sure you coul do a traumatic unveiling of the eye job out of it, i mean, as long as you don't commit your only grueling mistake in this post: where's your ART?!

Yeah, sure, its not classy to anthologize yourself, but let's bludgeon & bury Class in an sandy grave without a name, i wanna see a AA's witch!



Aeron said...

Thank you, I was very happy with the response to this, especially given that this a virtual exhibit. I only asked a very small number of artists to participate and the results have been amazing. I would love to do a real world exhibit around any or all themes followed on Monster Brains... someday.

And I wanted to do something for this but I've been very caught up in a handful of other projects, perhaps next time. I did make an artwork inspired by witches about 4 years ago that is on display here - it is artwork number 24. A small group of strange characters pass through a hallway where dark niches along the wall reveal frozen witches in strange deformed and mutilated bodies. One has the wooden legs of a fake horse, another has sharp teeth shown through a ripped open torso. It is a prison for the witches to prevent them from causing any ... problems to others around them.

zeke said...

Great show Aeron, sure wish I could see it in a gallery. Someone should give you a shitload of money to do a touring monster show.
Just spotted the poll on the side there and if you ever do a Gojira themed show I wanna do HEDORAH!!!!

Nick the Hat said...

What a great virtual gallery and a swell idea. I just started my art blog called, and would be happy to contribute to your future gallery showings.
Keep up the excellent work.
Nick the Hat