Monday, October 06, 2008

Richard Newton Satircal Prints
"Satire: frightened doctor surrounded by ghoulish figures with medical implements, saws and medicines, one bleeding him, another offering a pill; with verse below. 11 November 1792, Etching and aquatint"

"Satire showing an annoyed man in nightcap aiming a gun from his bedroom window at a sprite dancing in his garden. 1 October 1792, Aquatint over etching with hand-colouring." The title of this print, "Curse thee I'll soon spoil thy capering!" is the best line someone could ever shout at a trespasser!

"Satire: man and old woman in graveyard at night, falling over ghost crouching on ground. 6 February 1795, Hand-coloured etching"

"Satire: three grave-robbers horrified at sight of grotesque ghost. 1 October 1792, Hand-coloured etching and aquatint"

"Satire: parson, with two men, exorcising ghost in field. 1 October 1792
Hand-coloured etching and aquatint"

"Satire with a rustic holding a lantern terrified by a white apparition sitting on a stone behind him. 1 October 1792, Hand-coloured etching with aquatint" After George Moutard Woodward.

"Satire with four separate scenes of countrymen being frightened by goblins. February 1796, Hand-coloured etching"

"Satire: two compartments side by side, cut from a larger sheet; each showing ghost frightening man on horseback in churchyard at night
Hand-coloured etching, Hand-coloured etching 1790s"

"Satire with a cleric and devil looking indignantly at each other. c.1794, Hand-coloured etching"

Satire with five parsons around a punch bowl into which they are pushing a goblin, Hand-coloured etching, November 10 1796

"Satire with a rustic dropping his lantern in terror terrified by an old man with spectacles dancing before him with an evil grin. 15 November 1794
Hand-coloured etching with aquatint"

All works found at The British Museum, one of if not the best resource for vintage prints online.

Another work by Newton previously mentioned here.

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