Monday, October 27, 2008

Egbert van Heemskerck - The Cave Of The Witch, 1650 - 1704.

Etching by Petrini after D. Teniers.

Wood engraving, artist unknown. "Two gentlemen in the midst of the orgies of a witches' sabbath."

The Witches Kitchen, engraving by Jacques de Gheyn, 1532-82

Salvator Rosa - Ghost of Samuel Called Before Saul by the Witch of Endor, 1615-1673.

Salvator Rosa - Scene of Witchcraft,, 17th century.

Here is another painting by Rosa titled "A scene of Witchcraft" 1615 – 1673. I wish I had a larger version to share but this thumbnail copy is all that I've managed to find.

Etching by F. Landerer after M. Schmidt

Woodcut print by Hand Baldung, 1510

Colorized version of above print, source unknown.

A witch at her cauldron, surrounded by beasts. Etching by J. van de Velde II, 1626.

Tam O'Shanter and the Witches, illustration by John Faed to the poem of Robert Burns, published in 1892.

Etching by Jean Jacques Allamet, after David Teniers the Younger, 1755.

Preperation for the witches' sabbath. Etching by D. Vivant-Denon, after David Teniers the younger.

Etching showing scenes of witchcraft in the Bishopric of Trier and elsewhere, 1600.

Martin van Maële. Illustration de La sorcière, de Jules Michelet. 1911.

Martin van Maële. Illustration de La sorcière, de Jules Michelet. 1911.

Above two woodcuts from Ulrich Molitor's "De lamiis et phitonicis mulieribus."


Mr. Sean said...

Holy Mackerel! What a post! What a collection! I'm once again, all hot for witches! What a bunch of wild bitches! Unfortunately, they aren't that way in real life.

Anonymous said...

Some great capering poses in that Tam O'Shanter illustration! - and I love the J. Van de Velde 11, - that devil with the two pipes up his arse and the three creatures puffing on pipes, - and the effect of light in that picture is brilliant.
Paul Rumsey.

chris said...

I'm a new visitor - completely and totally impressed with what you're doing. This is fantastic!