Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bernard Picart

There's over 300 of these religious themed engravings by Picart on display over at Visipix.

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peacay said...

I suspect that Visipix are either wrong with their attribution or not overly clear at any rate.

At least some of these pictures were produced in 1672 which is the year before Picart is born. My understanding (I went to some trouble when researching for the Bib book which includes a couple of 'idol' images) is that the original engravings were by Jacob van Meurs. It's of course possible that Picart copied them : goD knows there was enough theft or emulation going around.
I believe the originals were prepared for travel writings: all the rage in the 2nd half of the 17th and first half of 18th centuries of course. (Churchill brothers publishers of London were important protagonists for the 'compilation' travel books that included text/images sourced from all around - repurposed or lifted wholesale)